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Prehistoric Works is a collection by jewellery designer, Fatih Yazicioglu, from Istanbul, Turkey. The collection is comprised of unique one-of-a-kind, hand-made, solid 24K gold and gold/silver jewellery, set with precious and semi-precious gems. Often intricate with unique hand work, his designs merge ancient cultures and archeology with modern day themes in jewellery design. The gems are carefully selected for their brilliant and deep colours. Each design is hand crafted by goldsmiths in Fatih’s workshop, who also hand-engrave the metal content, and often times the details of the gem(s), into each piece. Fatih’s signature jewellery items are worthy of collection.

Fatih’s brother, Ahmadjan, works with him on the business side. Ahmadjan writes, “Prehistoric Works 24K Gold Jewelry was founded by our father, who successfully extended his family business to the global market. Fatih designs and produces exquisite pieces made from precious and semi-precious stones and fine metals. His workmanship is uniquely diverse from all the other collections in the jewelry design markets, as he works in a style never before attempted.”

The design and workmanship draws inspiration from ancient Roman, Byzantine, Greek, Ottoman and prehistoric civilizations. – Fatih Yazicioglu


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