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My name is Sassan .
I am a jewellery designer and sculptor for over 30 years. In 2005, a little puppy named Sukie came into my life. I fell in love with her almost immediately. Soon we were inseparable. She was with me 24 hours a day every day and slept beside my bench while I worked.  I made my first piece of dog inspired jewellery in her image. Soon after, I received requests from friends and family to make a ring or a pendant in their dog’s image. I started this collection as a hobby – something I did in my spare time and on the weekends.  In 2019 Sukie passed away.  I still wear the jewellery I made in her image and it reminds me what an important friend Sukie was to me for fourteen years. Over the years I built up a large collection of many dog breeds and in 2018 I launched my collection of custom dog jewellery.   ~ Sassan

My Artistic Process

First, I study each breed of dog thoroughly. Next, I draw a few sketches of the dog from several angles.  Using my sketches as a reference, I carve a piece of wax to represent all aspects of the dog’s upper body. The wax is then cast with precious or semi-precious metal. Usually there are between two to eight pieces that come out of the casting and are assembled to form the end product. The final piece is then polished, which often takes a few hours, and finally engraved. The Gem Shop asked me to sign my work and I agreed to sign all dog jewellery ordered through thegemshop.ca.   ~ Sassan

The Gem Shop