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About our Band Collections

The Band Collections from are very special. For starters, the quality of our bands is par none. Each cold drawn machined band is manufactured with precision through a process that uses a tighter grain build to ensure premium quality and strength.  The unwavering consistency to detail through a state-of-the-art manufacturing process ensures the accuracy of perfect alloys and metal weights, eliminates internal defects and fortifies the structure of each band.  Our Band Collections are also environmentally sustainable.  And we don’t just say that to sound woke. Our bands are forged in a high quality casting facility located in Louisiana, USA, which is independently certified by SCS Global to ensure environmental sustainability by using only 100% recycled precious metals for all our gold, platinum, and palladium bands. Inspired by the world around us, every groove and sculpted angle is designed with an eye for detail.  From simple to uniquely complex, our Band Collections offer heirloom quality and eye-catching structural design.

Our prices are also very competitive. We include the gram weight, width and band thickness for each band to help you understand the value of precious metal in your purchase. If you find the same for less, let us know (but we don’t think you will).  Each band comes with a full return policy, except for bands that are ordered with an engraved message, customized by special order, or custom designed. While engraving adds a personal touch, we can’t accept a return for an engraved band because we’re not prepared to alter the engraved shank by cutting it out and replacing it, or buffing out the engraving and reselling the band with less gold.

When we forge a band to size, we use a process called cold drawing. The pipes that are used in these bands are continuously cast and passed through a series of dies that have not been preheated. Then, the pipes are drawn down onto rods that maintain a near finger size. Finally, the ring is machined to the exact shape and size required. This process removes internal defects, such as porosity, and creates a ring built to last a lifetime. Thus, when you purchase a band from our Band Collections, each band is unaltered, the shank is one piece that has never been cut, and there is no missing gold dust from someone else’ personal message.  We are confident that once you appreciate the quality of our bands, you won’t hesitate to have a personal message engraved. Finally, if you don’t find the band you imagined from our collections, we’ll custom design a band just for you and have it manufactured in our amazing environmentally sustainable workshop.

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100% Recycled Precious Metal

100% Certified Recycled is committed to ethical sourcing and environmental sustainability including using only 100% recycled precious metals for all the silver, gold, platinum, and palladium bands in our Bands Collection.  Our manufacturing facility is certified independently by SCS Global Services, the international leader in sustainability standards.

Crafted with Quality

Our experts create every band to deliver the level of quality and trust worthy of the lifetime of commitment they represent.

  • Our classic bands are machined with precision using state-of-the-art technology.
  • Accuracy of perfect alloys and metal weights
  • We use 14Kx1 white; 14K white requires rhodium plating while 14Kx1 is a bright white metal that doesn’t need rhodium plating.
  • Our classic bands are manufactured in the USA
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