Drum Necklace, by AJA | 18K

Drum Necklace, by AJA | 18K

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Drum Necklace is the central piece of a 3-part necklace set named, Drum Kit.  The Art of Drum Kit is explained below the description and gallery.  Ships 3-5 days.

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Diamond Shaker
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Drum is a heavy, 18K yellow and white gold pendant, weighing 18.9 grams, that was forged by hand by a master goldsmith.  The pendant is 18 karat gold throughout, including the barrels inside both locking mechanisms.  Drum is attached on both sides by two, 18 karat gold bayonet clasps, which extend from the 18 karat white gold beads on each side.  The clasp locks and unlocks the pendant, allowing the user to remove the Drum and replace it with another pendant from Drum Kit.  Attached to the white gold beads are six strands of rubber.  There are three pendants in Drum Kit – Drum, Cymbal, and Diamond Shaker. Cymbal and Diamond Shaker are sold separately, without the necklace. Drum Necklace includes the Drum pendant and the rubber necklace.  Drum is a one-of-a-kind 18 karat gold pendant.  Hand made in Canada, by American Jewelry Artworks.    View Drum Kit gallery page

Customization: The necklace length is 18″ and is designed to be worn as a choker.  The length can be customized to fit a larger neck size.  Alternatively, the rubber can also be replaced with an approximately 3.5-4 mm gold chain.  Customization is by special request.


The Art of Drum Kit

The rubber represents the cables that run between the sound equipment and other instruments that surround a kit, metaphorically representing the human connections that support a person’s success.  The bayonet lock system represents attachment, both physical and emotional, as it attaches to the pendant to create a necklace (something new that is shared with another).  The Drum represents the wearer, and its detachable feature the wearer’s support on others (or one other). The support of others is juxtaposed with the important virtue of individuality – beautiful alone but stronger together.  This concept is mirrored in the curved double line motif in 18K white gold,  carved along the centre of Drum.  Drum Necklace is designed to allow the wearer to interchange the Drum pendant with a different pendant from Drum Kit.  The designer’s vision offers a different look for various occasions (casual, semi, and formal ), as well as for the wearer to ‘share the kit’ by giving a pendant to another – but sharing the rubber.  Thus, offering a unique jewellery-sharing experience.

The three pendants of Drum Kit include:

Drum is the first pendant of the Drum Necklace and includes the rubber necklace
Cymbal is one of three pendants in the Drum Kit
Shaker is one of three pendants in the Drum Kit
Diamond Shaker








Measurement Notes:
The total width of Drum Necklace, including the 18K white gold beads on each side of the pendant , is 25mm.

Additional information

Weight 18.9 g
Dimensions 19 × 10.5 mm

18K White Gold, 18K Yellow Gold

Necklace Material

Rubber, Six strands x 2 mm thickness

Necklace Length


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