Tidal, Stackable Gemstone Rings by JJBuckar | 18K

Tidal, Stackable Gemstone Rings by JJBuckar | 18K

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Tidal stackable ring from the collection Wave by JJBuckar.  Tidal has a 16 mm wave length measured from the edge of the shank to a 5 mm tip, with 15 graduated gemstones extending the full length of the wave and tapering around the shank.  A tidal wave is triggered by the gravitational interaction between sun, moon and earth. Tidal represents the energy that propels its wearer toward greatness by combining ego, emotion and practical knowledge to achieve an extraordinary goal.  Designed and created by Canadian artist goldsmith team,  JJBuckar.  Ships in 2-4 days.


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Wear Tidal on its own, or stack it with Ripple, Rogue and Surf Waves to create baby swells, chops, barrels, grinders, left and right wave breaks, wall up or make it glassy to recreate the kinetic energy you feel in the moment.  Wear the ring(s) with peak direction pointing up or facing down, mix and match to change amplitude and significant wave height to match your outfit,  your mood and your goals.

Shown (left-to-right):  1) Ripple with blue sapphire, Tidal with blue amethyst, Ripple with tsavorite garnet;  2) Ripple with diamond, Tidal with blue sapphire, Surf with diamond;  3) Surf with pink sapphire, Tidal with blue topaz, Rogue with yellow sapphire.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Natural Gemstone

Amethyst, Blue Sapphire, Blue Topaz

Gem 1 Quantity


Shank Width at Back (mm)

3 mm

Size of wave measured from shank to tip

16 mm

Shank width

3 mm – 3.25 mm

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