Specialty Services

Custom Design

The Gem Shop can help you customize existing jewellery, or work with you to create a masterpiece.

Natural Gems

The Gem Shop can acquire any natural gemstone in the world available for purchase.

Auction consulting

Hire a professional and seasoned jewellery consultant to evaluate important pieces and advise you on your jewellery auction bid.

Insurance claims

The Gem Shop offers consulting to help you compile the required documentation for an insurance claim in regards to jewellery replacement.



Custom Design

Any gem can be made into a beautiful piece of jewellery. Custom design may involve reworking an existing piece of jewellery or creating a new piece from a designer’s sketch. A jewellery designer is an architect who must be knowledgeable about gemstones and metals in order to design jewellery that can be logistically created, and withstand the sands of time as an heirloom. The Gem Shop offers gem acquisition and expert jewellery design that is based on decades of experience.

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Natural coloured gemstones require specialized knowledge. Each gem has distinct properties that affect its price, how it reacts to heat, how it is cut, and how it is handled by the goldsmith and gem setter. The Gem Shop works closely with a network of global gem dealers, skilled cutters, experienced goldsmiths, reputable setters, and certified gemologists to acquire, identify, and price natural gemstones, then handle each one correctly during production.
The Gem Shop can acquire any natural gemstone in the world available for purchase. Contact us for special orders.

The Gem Shop